The MyWays Success Framework

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introduction to myways

AVAILABLE NOW. This overview chapter introduces the development of the MyWays success framework and summarizes the four big questions challenging public education. Here you will find the 25 frameworks that informed the MyWays success framework and a brief description of the real-world conditions that shaped how we selected the competencies.  


The complete report is coming soon.

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Part A: Adolescence in an Age of Accelerations

The first part of the MyWays report tackles the first big question, sparked by a rapidly changing world: WHY the urgency to redesign schools in response? Organized into five chapters, this report explores these issues:

  1. The growing opportunity gap in this country, the youth employment crisis, recent job skill trends, and the college-for-all debate

  2. The labor market and the “5 Roadblocks to Bootstrapping a Career”

  3. Trends in postsecondary education and the “5 Decisions in Navigating the Work/Learn Landscape”

  4. The opportunity gap and the “5 Adversities in Cultivating Social Capital”
  5. Key adolescent developmental tasks in “Preparing Apprentice-Adults for Life after High School."
"How we work now is nothing like how we worked ten years ago; how our students will work in ten years will be nothing like how we work now. Given this incredible pace of change, how do we prepare them for what doesn't yet exist? We grow them as humans—as curious, confident, empathetic, agile beings who are always on the learn. And to that we add some superhuman: digital, bio, robo, nanotechnology that lets them take on any challenge (and we have plenty!) that comes their way." —Sujata Bhatt, Boston Public Schools


Part B: Broader and Deeper Competencies for Student Success

This section presents the four MyWays domains and twenty competencies. Here you will discover why each domain and its competencies are important, key principles behind them, examples of their use in schools, and short-lists of essential resources. We also provide one-page primers for each competency.

“We have continued to champion the importance of embracing a broader definition of student success than what has been handed to us by state and national policy. While we believe that it is essential for all students to be proficient in math, literacy, and the sciences, we believe that that is not enough.” —Jeff Heyck-Williams, Two Rivers Public Charter School

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The last section of the MyWays report discusses ways to bring the MyWays competencies into educational practice. One chapter examines “Learning Design,” including whole game learning, levers for capability and agency, and a wider learning ecosystem. A second chapter explores “Assessment Design,” including two needed shifts in practice and five assessment strategies.

"I strongly believe that if we are to achieve our mission of preparing every student to be successful in college, career and life, they need to become self-directed learners. It is beginning to happen, student by student, when they are ready and in their own way." — Diane Tavenner, Summit Public Schools
“Assessment can be a powerful force for knowing our students.” —Andrew Miller, Instructional Coach, Consultant, and Learner