MyWays asks the four big questions challenging public education in the United States today and distills oceans of research to bring you trustworthy answers and actionable ideas.


WHY the urgent need for fundamental change? WHAT competencies must students develop to succeed in a world of accelerating change? HOW can schools enable students to build this broader, deeper set of competencies? HOW can they measure progress, in ways that support the learning?

The centerpiece of this initiative is the MyWays Student Success Framework, a synthesis of 20 competencies for success in learning, work, and life. Use the framework, tools, and community you’ll find here to launch your school-change initiative and reimagine your learning and assessment designs. The value of MyWays lies primarily in the rich discussions, collaborative development, and transformative culture-building it can catalyze within your team, school, district, and community. We encourage you to think of MyWays as more of a helpful friend than a blueprint; more of a conversation than a report; more journey than destination. MORE ON THIS

The kids are counting on us. Frankly, so are the adults. If we only know one thing about life in the 2030s and 2040s, it’s that it will be exceedingly different from today. There’s no more important work than preparing young people to shape those differences in positive ways.

Watch to learn more about the urgent need for K-12 education to respond to the accelerating changes in our world that acutely affect today's young people.


the Big questions

Discover how MyWays helps you and your school community create a through-line to success for young people faced with a world of accelerating change.



Honor agency. Hold the whole. Invite the community. Embrace change. Risk vulnerability. These are the mindsets of next generation educators.

in practice

Explore how schools and educators are using MyWays to redefine student success and improve their learning and assessment design.



Research and practice converge to create the foundation for MyWays. The MyWays Student Success Series offers research, actionable strategies, and resources to get you started. 


Start using MyWays with your leadership team, faculty, or community. Build the consensus and clarity you’ll need to achieve your goals.



Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) started incubating MyWays in 2014. Many visionary educators have contributed to its development.

Support for Adopting MyWays

Leading the change to create schools that are designed for what young people need in today's world is a complex challenge. To support educators who are solving this challenge with their communities, Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) provides the research, tools, and practice case studies available on this website as free, open source resources. We encourage you to explore the site and take advantage of the resources we have created and compiled for you.

We also offer direct supports for adopting MyWays. NGLC staff and educators in our national network are available to provide customized guidance and deep learning experiences to help your community respond to the changing world by redefining student success and redesigning learning and assessment in your school or district.


Recent Updates

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