Deeper Learning and MyWays in New Hampshire

Jonathan Vander Els of the New Hampshire Learning Initiative recently wrote about the state's "Work Study Practices"—deeper learning competencies of collaboration, communication, creativity, and self-direction—the "gears that drive any of our competency-based and personalized efforts in New Hampshire.". Over the past three years, schools and educators across the state are working to integrate the Work Study Practices into curriculum, instruction, and assessment. One of the "highlights" was a MyWays research and micro-pilot project:

One of the highlights of the first year was a project that four teachers within the Sanborn Regional School District undertook as part of research related to NGLC’s MyWays Student Success Series. Sanborn Teachers Terry Bolduc (5th grade teacher), Jill Lizier (1st grade teacher), Nicole Woulfe (6th grade teacher), and Heather Warr (Speech and language pathologist) all participated in a rigorous research project with support from co-authors Dr. Grace Belfiore and Dave Lash around the explicit instruction of these skills and how it impacted student learning. This work would help to influence our recognition that students’ metacognition, their self-awareness and ability to monitor and adapt, was critical in developing increasing development of any of these skills.

Highlighting Deeper Learning Competencies in New Hampshire was published in CompetencyWorks on March 12, 2018.