Getting Ready for the Jobs of the Future

"Our future depends on our young people’s ability to face novelty and complexity, and to work together to create a better world for themselves and the next generation they leave behind," writes Tom Vander Ark in a post today on Getting Smart. "They will face challenges," he continues, "in jobs we have yet to envision and work alongside more intelligent machines than Orwell could have imagined."

Among lessons from a 2-year study of AI and the future of work, he shares the MyWays Student Success Framework:

Where to start?

To improve readiness, states, districts, networks, and schools should start community conversations about how the world has changed and what graduates need to know and be able to do for civic and career contributions. These conversations can be summarized in an updated graduate profile and graduation requirements.

In these conversation, it can be helpful to feature updated graduate profile from other communities. Battelle for Kids has great examples of graduate profiles around the country and a guide for how to start the conversation in your community. The MyWays frameworks from NGLC is one of the best student learning frameworks with great supporting materials.