MyWays Impact Deck - Customize

This presentation is designed for organizations and individuals to share the impact of new models for teaching and learning with their stakeholders and communities. What we provide here is a framework for asking and answering four key questions:

  • WHY the urgent need for fundamental change?
  • WHAT does that imply about the skills students must develop to succeed after high school?
  • HOW can schools enable students to build this richer, deeper set of competencies?
  • HOW can they measure progress, in ways that support the learning?

This version of the MyWays Impact Presentation is designed to be fully customizable for your organization’s needs. We provide some optional activities, as well as suggestions for how to personalize the content throughout the presentation. However, you should also feel free to update colors, fonts, and language to align with your organization’s brand.

Since some slides are animated for impact, we suggest viewing this presentation as a slideshow first, then deciding what changes you’d like to make.