Exercise Two

Fine-tune your community’s definition of success.

These tools help you address the big question: What does success look like for students in a world of accelerating change? 



Step-by-step instructions for using the tools in Exercise Two.



Course Two

Success in a changing world

This scaffolded, self-paced, and open online course enables you to design a response to the challenges your students will face in our changing world and to work collaboratively with others in your community to redefine what success looks like for the students you serve.

NGLC and 2Revolutions partnered to create the course within the Learn Next experience hub. The course is available by creating a free account.


additional resources

MyWays Competency Definitions

MyWays Competency Primers

MyWays Learning Outcomes

For information about this comprehensive tool that provides end-of-high-school learning objectives for each competency in the four MyWays domains, along with sample evidence and projects for demonstrating competence as well as links to relevant research and models of practice, please contact NGLC directly.

"Be Bold" with NGLC Services

Engage with NGLC Services to "Be Bold" as you create a broader, deeper success framework for your students and determine what redefined success then means for learning in your schools.

Check out more MyWays resources that relate to the SUCCESS question.