Creative Know How takes center stage in EDUCAUSE Review article about MyWays

NGLC MyWays was featured in the March/April 2018 issue of EDUCAUSE Review, the flagship publication for the higher education IT community. (EDUCAUSE is the "parent organization" for Next Generation Learning Challenges.) The article examines the five competencies of Creative Know How for the magazine's primarily higher ed audience. 

The five competencies of Creative Know How empower students to escape old ways of doing things, solve current dilemmas, and invent new solutions. In many respects, they are the everyday power tools in the information age.

Here's one excerpt from the article, focused on why this competency domain is so important:

Navigating the work/learn landscape is a perplexing "wicked problem" requiring extraordinary resourcefulness and ingenuity. Most postsecondary students are "working learners" today, but the jobs that many of them find are of only marginal benefit to their careers. More and more workers under the age of thirty are temporary, part-time, contingent, free-lance, or self-employed. Skills related to entrepreneurial thinking and creativity are especially in demand in such a world. All workers, even those employed by others, need to use entrepreneurial approaches to do their work and to advance their career. As Tom Friedman has advised: "More is on you." Creative Know How competencies play a pivotal role in crafting a personal career-building opportunity engine of work experience, marketable competencies, degrees and credentials, and social capital.

The article appears both in print and online.