Opportunity & Work

Economic, tech, and globalization forces are accelerating, and the gap in opportunity is growing. These challenges require a powerful—and specific—K-12 response. (4MB)

5 Career Roadblocks

Employers are less willing to invest in young talent, dismissing potential in favor of experience, or making a tech investment. Young people need an opportunity engine to build a career. (4MB) 

5 Work/Learn Decisions

What to do after high school? A shaky job market, rising college costs, more options, and an uncertain future raise the stakes for these decisions about working and learning. (5MB)


5 Social Capital Essentials

Students need to get outside of the school walls to build social connections with role models and mentors, close friends and loose networks. (5.5MB)


Many young people are unprepared for the realities of our world of change, but the adolescent years are ripe with opportunity to get ready for learning, work, and life. (3MB)


Data Digest

This companion to Report 3, a data digest of today's evolving work/learn landscape, is coming soon. 


Reports 1–5 are available in one file (15MB) 

How we work now is nothing like how we worked ten years ago; how our students will work in ten years will be nothing like how we work now. Given this incredible pace of change, how do we prepare them for what doesn’t yet exist? We grow them as humans—as curious, confident, empathetic, agile beings who are always on the learn. And to that we add some superhuman: digital, bio, robo, nanotechnology that lets them take on any challenge (and we have plenty!) that comes their way.
— Sujata Bhatt, Boston Public Schools