The MyWays Student Success Series

What Learners Need to Thrive in a World of Change

Research and practice converge to create the foundation for MyWays. Go deep with Next Generation Learning Challenges in our effort to synthesize a broader, deeper definition of student success: success for learning, working, and living in the fast-changing world facing today's youth. Access, download, and share the series with your educator colleagues and fellow school designers. For additional support to adopt MyWays, engage with NGLC Services.


introduction and Overview

This report summarizes the four big questions challenging public education and covers the 25 frameworks that informed the MyWays Student Success Framework. (3MB)

Visual Summary

A different kind of Executive Summary. This report pulls together the big ideas from the MyWays Student Success Series and displays them in graphics and images. (7.5MB)


Explore the MyWays Student Success Series, organized into three parts, below.