Learn how to bring the MyWays Toolkit to life in your classroom and school.

The best way to envision something is to see it. And the best resources for innovative practices are fellow educators. Explore how educators are putting MyWays to work and learn with them as they take on the trickiest challenges of educating students for Habits of Success, Creative Know How, Content Knowledge, and Wayfinding Abilities. 

You can also find more perspectives, tools, and resources generated by NGLC’s national community of next generation learning schools at the NGLC website.

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Share your Ideas. Go Deep. Take MyWays Further.

Educators in the MyWays Community of Practice, launched in September 2016, are learning together as they go deep into the ideas, strategies, and tools provided by MyWays and as they use the success framework in their schools. The goal of this small group is to help NGLC make MyWays a genuinely accessible tool for practitioners. Currently, nine organizations are involved in monthly virtual meetups to share, collaborate, and problem solve.


Your Guide to Redefining Student Success.

The MyWays Student Success Framework draws on existing frameworks of student success as well as effective practice in next generation learning and innovation. It synthesizes research from education and learning; human development and social-emotional learning; and work and workforce development.

The EdSurge Research Guide, Bridging the Chasm: Defining Success Beyond Traditional Academics, examines how five schools are redefining student success using MyWays. NGLC supported the project.


This Guide is Coming Soon.

This new report, "Next Generation Schools: How Educators Define and Measure Success" helps busy educators adopting next generation learning to do so more effectively, based on the experience of those already doing it. Find out how educators in the NGLC network of “breakthrough” next gen schools answered these questions in a recent survey:

  • What do students learn?

  • How do students learn?

  • How is learning measured?

  • How do schools know if they are succeeding?

  • How do schools communicate about next generation learning, each student’s progress, and the overall performance of their school?

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